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The Gate of Firmament Review

All too often when people talk RPGs they’re only talking about JRPGs or European/American computer or console role-playing games. Don’t believe me? OK, let’s do a thought experiment think of an RPG, any RPG, go on, don’t be shy. What were you thinking of? Chances are it wasn’t Xuan-Yuan Sword EX: The Gate of Firmament. […]

Quake: 20 Years On

Quake was released 20 years ago today. I, and millions of others around the world owe a debt to id Software and Quake. The game that launched a million deathmatches, LAN parties and mods. Quake was to Doom what Super Mario 64 was to Super Mario World. It built on the ingenuity, creativity and charm […]

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Review

Platforms: Playstation 3, Playstation 4, PC (reviewed), Xbox 360, and Xbox One It’s the pre-season friendly fixture and the crowd is buoyant, their excitement palpable, the atmosphere electric. ‘The King is Back’, ‘Long Live the King’ they chant. Things often go well in these first few games, there’s no pressure – it’s a time for […]