Beat Cop Gets Gritty (And Mundane)

Your boss hates you and your home life is a mess. It’s not much of a stretch from most people’s lives, hell maybe it’s not too far from your own. The difference in Beat Cop is that the mafia wants your life snuffed out and you’ve been framed for murder.

You play as regular beat cop, Jack Kelly. Your goal is get Kelly’s name cleared and he’ll turn over stone and search every corner of Brookyln to do it. Things aren’t so simple though as you still have a job to do. While on the hunt to clear your name, you’ll still have to deal with nabbing shoplifters, towing cars, writing parking tickets, and the other mundane tasks of police work. You can dig deeper to uncover seedy goings-on and unlock multiple endings. With the darker tone, not all of them will likely be happy endings.

Beat Cop aims to bring a the mundanity of police work with a dark, comedic crime story with point-and-click gameplay. Pulled off properly, this could be great. And with the 11 Bit Studios (This War of Mine) helming the development, odds are the “dark” portion will be well represented.

Beat Cop is coming to PC, Mac, and Linux in the fourth quarter of 2016. You can preorder it at Games Republic and check out the teaser trailer and some screenshots below.








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