Breath Of The Wild Is Now Multilingual

If there’s any one thing that really bothered me about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it was the voice acting. Princess Zelda herself was the worst offender, often times sucking out any of the emotional steam of a particularly important story sequence (the ending included).

Well, theoretically, those days are gone. You can now play through Breath of the Wild with English, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, and German voice acting. I’ve often wondered if my preference of Japanese voice actors tends to lean more on that I don’t understand what they’re saying, so I’m going ENTIRELY off the delivery. That could be problematic since they could be putting emphasis on oddball words or parts of words, but, hey, what I don’t know won’t hurt my enjoyment of it. What I do know is that Zelda’s performance was one of the few things to really take me out of that game, so I suppose it can’t be any worse, right?

Here’s the trailer that was shown off when the Switch got its big reveal in English.

And here’s the same trailer in Japanese (thanks for the idea, Kotaku).

Maybe I should make a comparison video of the memories in the different languages. Could be fun! Or just an editing nightmare. Whatever.

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