Celebrate 20 Years of Resident Evil with PSN Sale

Sony and the PlayStation Store are celebrating the 20th anniversary of Resident Evil with a sale that includes numerous games and films from the franchise.  Here are some of my personal top picks from the sale, if you’ve yet to jump into the series.


Resident Evil 4 (PS3) – $6.99

Resident Evil 4 might just be the pinnacle of the series and is arguably one of the best games ever created. If you’ve never tried it, now is the perfect time.


Resident Evil 2 PSOne Classic (PS3/Vita/PSP) – $1.49

Resident Evil 2 offers up two separate storylines to play through and is one of the best entries in the series. While it may be a bit off-putting to those who have never played an old school Resident Evil game, for $1.49 it is more than worth taking a chance on.


Resident Evil HD Remaster (PS4/PS3) – $12.99/$11.99

This may be a remastered version of a remake (originally on GameCube), but it is still the best way to experience the Spencer Mansion.  This remaster also offers up an alternate control scheme that might help newcomers more easily enjoy the game.


Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster (PS4/PS3) – $15.99

Resident Evil 0 is, in my opinion, the most underrated game in the series. It’s a great entry and much like the Resident Evil HD Remaster, this version lets you use a more streamlined control scheme, which is more welcoming to newcomers.  There’s not a big discount here as it was just released about a month ago, but it’s still a worthy investment for survival horror fans.

*Note: You can also pick up the Resident Evil Deluxe Origins bundle on your choice of PS4 or PS3 for $28.79. This gets you Resident Evil HD Remaster and Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster, as well as bonus costumes for RE0.


Other Great Options

Resident Evil Franchise Pack (RE4, RE5, & RE6) (PS3) – $23.99

Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition (PS3) – $10.49

Resident Evil HD Bundle (RE4 & Code Veronica) (PS3) – $11.99

Resident Evil Revelations (PS3) – $7.49

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis PSOne Classic (PS3/Vita/PSP) -$1.49


There are a plethora of other games, spin-offs and add-ons to choose from during the sale.  There are also discounts being offered on the Resident Evil movie franchise as well, if that’s something you might be interested in.  For the full list check out the PlayStation Store or PlayStation Blog.

It should also be noted that Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5, and Resident Evil 6 will all be coming to PS4 throughout 2016 if you would rather wait for current gen offerings. You can read more about that right here on GAJ.

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