Civilization: Revolution 2 Plus Coming to Vita Tomorrow

Well, this one was ever never on my radar or I had completely forgotten about it, but it looks like Civilization: Revolution 2 is coming to the Vita this week. Titled as Civilization: Revolution 2 Plus, it seems to have come back from being delayed from its original release date of December 2015 and then delayed again until January 2016 to kind of sneak its way out March 29th. Publisher 2K did very nearly the same thing when it snuck XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus to the Vita last week. Maybe we’ll finally get that BioShock game for Vita next week too!

I really enjoyed the first Civilization: Revolution when it came out for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, but I don’t think I was even aware that this existed. It’s apparently been out for quite a while on iOS and Android devices. Its Wikipedia page lists its initial release on iOS as July 2nd, 2014 and on Android as November 7th, 2014. I guess I can’t keep track of them all.

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