Cosmic Star Heroine Gets A Release Window and New Trailer

Co-Founder of Zeboyd Games (Breath of Death VII: The Beginning, Cthulhu Saves the World, Penny Arcade Adventures Episodes 3 & 4), Robert Boyd recently posted on PlayStation Blog with some news regarding the long awaited turn-based RPG Cosmic Star Heroine.  Boyd announced that the game will be making its way to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita this Summer with a price point of $14.99 and it will also be cross-buy between the two systems.


It was also announced that Cosmic Star Heroine would be getting a physical release from the team over at Limited Run Games.  If that’s something you’re interested in, it’s probably best to keep an eye on because as the name suggests, there probably won’t be many of those to go around.

For more information on Cosmic Star Heroine, keep checking back here at GAJ and for a closer look at the game check out the new trailer below.

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