DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours Getting Capcom-Themed DLC And Physical Release

If you’re a fan of shooters, the excellent DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours is getting some more DLC. This is the fifth bit of DLC for the game and this one is aimed at Capcom fans. Due out February 16th, there will be three packs that will include a new ship, new stages, and new music in each. Each pack will be $4.99 or you can pick up all three of them for $11.97

If you’d like to throw this game on your shelf, Limited Run Games is making two physical releases of the Playstation 4 version of DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours. The first will be the standard edition that includes the Darius Odyssey digital artbook. The artbook will remain in its original Japanese text, so keep that in mind. The second edition will also include the artbook, as well as the ‘Original Arrange Album 2’ on CD (physical music media is almost as quaint as physical games are these days) and two figures of Silver Hawk Burst. It will also include a special package with artwork from Kanetake Ebikawa.  The standard edition will be $59.99, while the special edition will run you (me) $99.99. Both of these are due sometime in March of this year.

Check out the trailer for the Capcom DLC and more details below.


Alpha from Side Arms Hyper Dyne

You won’t be alone when Alpha joins with Beta!


  • Alpha is playable in DLC mode as a ship.
  • Join Alpha and Beta for the ultimate combination.
  • All the original powerups and bonus items including Yashichi!
  • Four main weapons: Bit, Shotgun, Mega Bazooka Launcher, and 3-Way
  • Unique stages with remixes by Yasuhisa Watanabe

Saber from Varth: Operation Thunderstorm

Planet Varth wasn’t the final battle! Saber returns!


  • Saber is playable in DLC mode as a ship.
  • Switch between two pod modes (Fuzzy or Front) to protect your ship.
  • Pods can fire homing missiles or napalm.
  • Go podless through an entire stage for a special bonus!
  • Unique stages with remixes by Hiroyuki Iwatsuki

Gambler from Progear

This is a gamble worth taking!


  • Gambler is playable in DLC mode as a ship.
  • Switch between the Fighter Shot and Gunner Shot.
  • Collect jewels and rings by utilizing both shots.
  • Bomb like crazy, or save them up for x2 mode!
  • Unique stages with remixes by Daisuke Matsumoto

Additional DLC Info:

Purchasing an above DLC gives you access to 3 special stages designed specially for that ship. (Only scores using that ship will be registered in the special stages.) You will also get access to the Capcom pack: 10 newly arranged stages including 3 boss fights, as well as CS PACK 5: 10 stages from CS mode. Buying any DLC also lets you use all the DARIUSBURST ships from the base game in the DLC Mode stages.

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