GAJ Game Club Episode 8 – Metal Gear Solid

Our Game Club is back and it’s better (and longer) than ever! Jason Arriola and John Lucero are joined by Conor Mahood of The Movie Express podcast, and JoeStar to dig deep on the Playstation classic, Metal Gear Solid. As hard as it is to believe, Metal Gear Solid is nearing 20 years old and that largely prompted us to dive into it. This game did so much more than set the stage for the rest of the series. It introduced the world at large to Hideo Kojima and kicked off the trend of games going for a cinematic approach. This is a long one, but well worth the time spent in this once in a lifetime game.

If you’re interested in following Conor’s work outside of here, he’s one part of aforementioned The Movie Express (the other part being podcast regular Luke Maxwell). You should also check out both of his novels, The Hanged Man and Somebody Else’s Dream.

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I included a bunch of music from the game throughout. Aside from that, here’s the rest of the included stuff!

Intro – Games and Junk theme music by Visager

Quick insert of Son of a Preacher Man performed by Cam Clarke from his album, Inside Out.

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