Game Diaries: Adventures In Alola – Bridging The Gap

If you haven’t been watching the show or, at the very least, heard about it, Ash lost in the Pokémon League. Again. His Greninja, a Water/Dark-type, lost to a Charizard. Yup, even with the type advantage, Ash still blew it.

If you play through the demo of Sun and Moon, when you start out, you get a letter from Ash with a package containing his Greninja. When you knock out a Pokémon with it, the Greninja turns into Ash-Greninja with it’s Battle Bond ability. Aside from Pokémon Yellow, I can’t recall the any of the games referencing the show quite so blatantly.

Well, while wandering around, I found what I think might be a familiar face.

Could Ash’s longtime Pikachu finally had enough and decided he needed a break? Or is this one of the Cosplay Pikachus from ORAS?

Well, his attitude is certainly indicative of Ash’s Pikachu. At least when he first met him.

Pikachu looks so thrilled.

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