Game Diaries: Adventures In Alola – Sizing Up Your Rival

The first thing that really struck me with Pokémon Sun wasn’t the setting. It wasn’t the improvements in the UI and other quality of life stuff. It wasn’t even the new Pokémon. No, the first thing I noticed came a short time into the game.

For those of you that played Pokémon X or Y, you might remember a Wii U sitting on the floor of your room. That’s right, your character is one of the few suckers who bought one of them.

Don't get offended, I own one.
Don’t get offended, I own one.


Well, you’re Alolan counterpart has a Wii U sitting in their room too. This isn’t what struck me either. No, what got me was when I walked into the room of your rival, Hau.

I have no idea why this image keeps showing up upside down. Just, ummm. stand on your head?


Notice the dual monitor setup? Your rival is a PC gamer. Nintendo has acknowledged another gaming platform aside from their own in their systems. What an odd little detail to throw in there.


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