Get An Arceus In August

This month, the mythical Pokémon being given away Arceus. It’s not as easy to get one as previous months, but that should be a given considering it’s Pokémon world’s version of God. Like the Darkrai giveaway back in May, you’ll need to get on down to your local GameStop (or EBGames if you’re in Canada) to get a card for a code to redeem in Pokémon XPokémon YPokémon Alpha Sapphire, or Pokémon Omega Ruby.

Arceus will come already up to level 100. It will come with the Multitype ability and have the moves Judgement, Recover, Hyper Beam, and Perish Song. Arceus is a Normal-type by default, but it can be changed depending on what items you give it to hold.

Arceus cards will be available until August 24th or when the stock of cards to give away runs out.

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