I Am Setsuna Coming To Switch At Launch

I Am Setsuna, the first RPG from Square Enix’s Tokyo RPG Factory studio is coming to the Nintendo Switch when the system launches on March 3rd. Previously released on both Steam and Playstation 4, this game’s battle system takes more than a nod from Chrono Trigger’s. While it did get a Vita release in Japan, we never got it here. The Switch looks like a great fit for I Am Setsuna and RPG’s in general. Do some grinding on the couch while watching TV or while laying bed and then when you’re done, dock it and enjoy it on the big screen.

I, surprising to even myself, never bought I Am Setsuna. With a launch lineup that is going to see me playing mostly Zelda, it’s nice to have another option at launch to mess around with. Nothing on it getting a physical release and I wouldn’t hold out hope for that one.

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