NECROPOLIS Gets Collector’s Edition

It was announced today that “Rouge-lite” game Necropolis would be getting a collector’s edition.  HareBrained Schemes and BANDAI NAMCO are working with iam8bit to develop this special edition of the game.  So what’s in it? Let’s check it out.

Of course, you’ll get a download code for the platform of your choice.  Outside of that, the Collector’s Edition of Necropolis comes with a unique assortment of extras including the soundtrack by composer Jon Everist on both 180-Gram transparent vinyl, as well as digitally.  Also included is Steve Courtney designed cover art that features the “punishing, maze-like architecture” of the game.  The album art will also double as a classic D&D-style game and an instruction sheet on how to play and a player piece are also included.  Finally, and perhaps the most interesting item, is a fully customizable death certificate that helps celebrate the brutal nature of the game.

The Necropolis Collector’s Edition will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and Steam for the price of $50.  Necropolis is scheduled to release for Steam on July 22 and then later this Summer for PS4 and Xbox One.  For more in-depth information or to preorder check out iam8bit’s website.

NECROPOLIS-CE-BeautyShot_1024x1024 NECROPOLIS-CE-Gatefold-Out_1024x1024 NECROPOLIS-CE-Gatefold-In_1024x1024 NECROPOLIS-CE-DiscLabels_1024x1024 NECROPOLIS-CE-DeathCertificate_1024x1024 NECROPOLIS-CE-BeautyShot2_1024x1024

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