New Fallout 4 DLC Announced

Last night at their BE3 press conference, Bethesda announced a new trio of Fallout 4 expansion packs.  Two of the packs allow you more freedom with building in your settlements and whatnot.  The other is more in the vein of previous DLC Far Harbor, opening up a new area filled with more expansive story beats.  Check out full details and release windows for each piece of DLC below.

Contraptions Work Shop

The Contraptions Work Shop DLC offers up a slew of new items you can use for building, allowing you to create intricate machines and gadgets with conveyer belts, scaffolding kits, and more.  Contraptions will also introduce elevators, green house kits, fireworks, and even more advanced items for your settlements.  The Contraption Work Shop pack is scheduled to release next week.

Vault-Tec Work Shop

The Vaut-Tec Work Shop DLC pack looks as if it’s bringing Fallout Shelter (Betheda’s mobile game based on Fallout’s ever present vaults) to Fallout 4.  Here you’ll basically become the Overseer of your own vault and attract new dwellers, which you can then perform a variety of experiments on.  Of course, your vault will be fully customizable with a variety of cosmetic options.  The Vault-Tec Work Shop DLC is scheduled to release at some point in July.


Nuka World

The Nuka World expansion opens up a new area in Fallout 4’s wasteland and prominently features a rundown amusement park that has been taken over and settled in by raiders.  Nuka World will be the last piece of DLC released for Fallout 4 and is scheduled to release sometime in August.

When all is said and done, this will bring Fallout 4’s DLC offerings up to 6 expansion packs, all of which are included in the game’s season pass.  Check out the beginning of the video below to see some of the new content in action.

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