Nintendo 2DS Gets a Price Drop on May 20th

Nintendo, always looking for a way to be even more accessible, started selling the 2DS. The 2DS was basically a 3DS lacking the clamshell design and the namesake’s 3D option. The price was $129.99 when it launched in 2013, as opposed to the 3DS, which was $169.99 at the time. The lower price point and lack of 3D was supposed to make parents wary about the price and potential child eye-melting 3D feel better about the owning the system.

Starting May 20th, the price of the 2DS will be $79.99. In addition to the price cut, all new 2DS’ will come with Mario Kart 7 installed. All in all, a pretty good deal if you’re a terrified parent or are just looking for a way to play 3DS games on the cheap.



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