Nosferatu Zodd Playable In Berserk

To ease the blow of Berserk’s Japanese release being delayed from September 21st to October 27th, Koei Tecmo released some rather surprising information about it. Nosferatu Zodd (also known as Zodd the Immortal) will be a playable character in Berserk. That news enough certainly puts some interesting potential in the game since Zodd’s not exactly what you’d call a “good guy” in the series.

We’re also given a hint at the transformation feature. This feature allows some characters to transform into an alternate form that increases their strength and speed. If I had to guess, this is much like the musou attacks in the Dynasty Warriors games in which you build up a meter by dealing and taking damage. Not an unexpected addition, but since not every character has this ability, it might have some other requirements to occur. Zodd transforms from his…human…form into his full demon form. Guts’ transformation looks to use the Berserker Armor, something I haven’t seen before since I haven’t read the manga.

Still no official release date aside from fall of this year for North America and Europe, so hopefully we won’t see this get pushed back into winter. You can check out some art and screenshots of both Guts and Zodd below.











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