Persona 5 Wants to Take Your Heart and Your Life This Valentine’s Day

In another bit of timely news, about three weeks ago the highly anticipated Persona 5 got a North American release date.  So mark your calendars and get your heart ready because Persona 5 is scheduled to release for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 on February 14, 2017. That’s Valentine’s Day, so tell your significant other you love them and that you’ll see them after you finish Persona 5, sometime around Christmas I’m sure.  Or maybe you’re more fortunate and can experience it together.

Regardless of who you’re playing with, this is huge news for Persona fans.  As someone who just recently got into Persona 4 Golden on Vita and fell in love with it, I’m very excited to check out this latest installment.  From the little that’s been shown of Persona 5, I have to say, it is looking rather fantastic. You can check out some of the first gameplay footage below.

There will also be a PlayStation 4 exclusive special edition of Persona 5, known as the “Take Your Heart” Premium Edition, which will cost $89.99 and include the following:

Soundtrack CD: A selection of music from Persona 5 by legendary series composer, Shoji Meguro, in a CD sleeve featuring special P5 artwork.

4” Morgana plush: Morgana the Phantom Thieves’ cat is not just the mascot of the Phantom Thieves, but also a member – and also not just a cat! The premium edition includes an exclusive 4” plush of Morgana.

64-page hardcover art book: This art book is full of concept sketches, character art, and more by character designer Shigenori Soejima.

SteelBook: As strong as a vault, the game disc for the PS4 will come specially packaged in a SteelBook collectible case, emblazoned with Persona 5 designs.

School bag: Designed after the traditional school bags in Japan, the exclusive replica bag comes complete with the Shujin Academy crest.

If you’re not interested in all of the extras, if you preorder the standard PlayStation 4 edition it will come in one of those fancy steel book cases that are all the rage nowadays and set you back the normal $59.99.  The game will also still be releasing on PlayStation 3 for the price of $49.99.

As promised here’s a look at the first bit of gameplay shown off for Persona 5 (courtesy of IGN), which was unveiled by Atlus at last week’s E3.

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