Phantom Dust? Not Quite Dead Yet.

Remember how at E3 2014 Microsoft went on about how the original Xbox cult classic, Phantom Dust, was getting remade for the Xbox One? Yeah, that’s probably not happening now. Microsoft ended their relationship with Darkside Games, the studio they had developing the remake, in February 2015. It’s largely been swept under the rug since then, getting the usual “passion project” rigmarole.

Well, much to my surprise, Microsoft has decided to not abandon the game altogether, instead opting to remaster the original title for the Xbox One. Hey, it’s not the remake, but would anyone ever have been happy with it? Probably not.

And while this is cool news by itself, this opens the question if Microsoft is in anyway looking at getting Xbox titles bumped up to the Xbox One. Nothing’s announced, but the way Microsoft has been charging trying to get some of the market back from Sony, it’s hopefully not out of the question!

Phantom Dust is set to be released sometime in 2017.

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  • […] light of the news that the Phantom Dust remake is dead and that we’re instead getting a remaster of the original Xbox version and got me thinking about the original Xbox a bit more. The console is more than ten years dead now […]

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