Shovel Knight Getting New Content

Are you a fan of the terrific 2D side-scrolling platformer, Shovel Knight?  Well you might be excited for this bit of news.  Yacht Club Games recently announced that they’ve been hard at work on a number of Shovel Knight add-ons.  In the coming months they will be releasing two new campaigns.  One will feature Specter Knight and the other will focus on King Knight.  These campaigns will be releasing separately, with the Specter Knight add-on coming first.  Along with these new campaigns there will be new challenges and feats for each of the new characters.  Two new game modes will also be released (one with each campaign) and these are called Body Swap and Battle Mode.  Body Swap will apparently let you change your character’s gender, while Battle Mode will be a multiplayer addition (for PC and Consoles only).

As of right now, there is no window for the release of these updates, but when they do become available they will be free of charge on all platforms.

Specter Knight in Action!


In another bit of Shovel Knight news, Yacht Club Games has announced they are working with FanGamer on a limited print run of Shovel Knight for PlayStation Vita.  They are aiming for an early October release and it will be available for $24.99. For more info or to preorder check out FanGamer’s official page.


To check out the complete announcement from Yacht Club Games, have a look at their blog and keep it here for more news on Shovel Knight updates as they become available.

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