Stories: The Path of Destinies Out Today

If playing a choose your adventure game sounds interesting but you’d like a bit more action in it, then Stories: The Path of Destinies might be what you’re looking for.

Stories: The Path of Destinies has the hero character, Reynardo, trying to endthe Mad Emperor’s (if video games have taught me anything, there isn’t a single emperor that isn’t mad) reign of terror (they’re always reigns of terror too). Rather than just being a plucky rebel who wins through sheer determination, Reynardo has an ace up his sleeve – an artifact that lets you rewind time.

Reynardo has one goal, but the path to get there is littered with dead ends. Literally. Reynardo’s ability to change a choice affords him a level of immortality. He’s still capable of dying and failing, but he can learn from his mistakes. That doesn’t mean there’s a perfect path on his way to victory (or that victory itself even turns out well). You can check out some of the consequences and choices to be made in the trailers belows.

Stories: The Path of Destinies releases today on Windows (via Steam and GOG) and Playstation 4 for $14.99.

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