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84 – After Golf Story

Jason Arriola and John Lucero have a lot of ground to cover since they last podcasted together. Evil Within 2, Golf Story, Jason’s purchases, Cuphead sells a million, loot boxes, Blade Runner 2049, and the second season of Attack on Titan get more than a strafing run. There’s extra music in this one to help take the sting out of how much Jason didn’t […]

55 – Gigantic Cucumber

Antony Villanueva and Jason Arriola talk about PC master race, AdVenture Capitalist, Attack on Titan, revisit the PS4 Pro, Jason’s reversal on Picross and dislike of Kojima, and more!

Nosferatu Zodd Playable In Berserk

To ease the blow of Berserk’s Japanese release being delayed from September 21st to October 27th, Koei Tecmo released some rather surprising information about it. Nosferatu Zodd (also known as Zodd the Immortal) will be a playable character in Berserk. That news enough certainly puts some interesting potential in the game since Zodd’s not exactly what you’d call a […]

Berserk Trailer, More Screenshots, And The Official Website

UPDATE Koei Tecmo America has released the same trailer but with English flavor text instead. More details after the trailer because I know you want to watch that again. Courtesy of Dualshockers, here’s some more info from the website. -When Berserk comes to North America and Europe, it will not be making the jump to the Playstation 3 […]

Some Berserk Screenshots And A Little More Info

More Berserk information drip! Koei Tecmo’s President Hisashi Koinuma gave an interview with Gamer (you can check out the translated version on Play-Asia) that gave us some more details on the game. A quick rundown of it: -Berserk is getting a CERO D (17+) rating, the equivalent of a M rating here -It’s not for certain, but they’re […]

Some Berserk Screenshots (Sort Of) And Japanese Release Date

Last week, we reported that Omega Force was working on a new Musou game based on the manga and anime series, Berserk.  This week, we get a very small peek at some screenshots from it thanks to Earlbox on Twitter, who posted the below two scans of an insert in volume 38 of the manga. The Japanese […]

Guts Bringing The Musou Pain In A New Berserk Game

Luke and I have made no secret of our love of Gundam. We’ve also mentioned our love Berserk. It’s been sixteen years since Sword of the Berserk: Guts’ Rage came out on the Dreamcast. And the Playstation 2 game Berserk: Millinnium Falcon Hen Seima Senki no Sho was never released outside of Japan. Then, the most wonderful time of […]