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84 – After Golf Story

Jason Arriola and John Lucero have a lot of ground to cover since they last podcasted together. Evil Within 2, Golf Story, Jason’s purchases, Cuphead sells a million, loot boxes, Blade Runner 2049, and the second season of Attack on Titan get more than a strafing run. There’s extra music in this one to help take the sting out of how much Jason didn’t […]

The Evil Within Review

Platforms: Playstation 3, PlayStation 4 (reviewed), Windows, Xbox 360, and Xbox One The human psyche is all too fragile. The fact that most of us are just one traumatizing event away from completely breaking down and losing control is a terrifying thing to think about. The Evil Within uses this fear to craft one the […]

Fallout 4’s Nuka-World DLC Drops at the End of August

Nuka-World, Fallout 4‘s final piece of downloadable content, will be releasing on August 30 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.  This is the sixth piece of DLC that has been released for Fallout 4 and the second large, story-driven piece (the other being Far Harbor). Unlike Far Harbor, which was released with a $24.99 […]

Xbox Games We’d Like To See Come Back

Jason Arriola’s Picks In light of the news that the Phantom Dust remake is dead and that we’re instead getting a remaster of the original Xbox version and got me thinking about the original Xbox a bit more. The console is more than ten years dead now and since a cult hit like Phantom Dust can get a remaster, […]

Fallout: New Vegas (Among Others) Added To Xbox One Backwards Compatibility List

Got an Xbox One? Nothing to be ashamed about (I have one). Microsoft’s console has been steadily upping their backwards compatibility list since they rolled the feature out. Today they bring seven more titles into the fold and one of them is a big one – Fallout: New Vegas. Also available now are: Blood Knights Comic Jumper Dungeons […]

Skyrim: Special Edition Coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC

The rumors were true and the Dovahkiin rejoiced!  The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is officially coming to current generation hardware.  In what’s being called Skyrim: Special Edition, long time fans and new comers will be treated with the full Skyrim experience (all DLC included) now with enhanced graphics and mod support for consoles.  It was […]

New Fallout 4 DLC Announced

Last night at their BE3 press conference, Bethesda announced a new trio of Fallout 4 expansion packs.  Two of the packs allow you more freedom with building in your settlements and whatnot.  The other is more in the vein of previous DLC Far Harbor, opening up a new area filled with more expansive story beats.  […]

Prey “Reimagining” Announced for 2017

After Prey 2 was cancelled and then rumored to make a comeback at this year’s E3, Bethesda officially announced Prey at its BE3 press conference last night.  Not a whole lot is known about the project at this time, but it is a first person shooter and is said to be “a reimagining of the […]

Fallout 4 DLC Info and Season Pass Price Hike

If you’ve been waiting on some information before you pull the trigger on the season pass for Fallout 4, Bethesda dished out some details today about just that. The first bits of DLC will be rolling out in March, April, and May of this year, while more will be rolling out throughout the year. The first […]

Eight to Consider: Xbox 360

8-Star Trek Legacy I wish I knew what it was that drove me to play Star Trek Legacy in the first place. I’m not, by any stretch of the term, a Star Trek fan. Considering when I played, I was likely just looking for something to punch up my gamerscore. Legacy ended hooking far longer […]