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Dark Souls Gets Adorable In LittleBigPlanet 3

I played LittleBigPlanet a bit. It was quirky and cute, but not my thing. I dabbled in creating in my own stuff a bit. It had a fairly crazy toolset to create your own levels with. I was terrible at it and never made it very far into anything before I put it down for good. […]

Pre-order Dark Souls III on Xbox One and Get Dark Souls for Free

If you haven’t ever played the original Dark Souls and are interested in Dark Souls III, you can snag yourself a free digital copy of it by pre-ordering it for the Xbox One. The offer is good for both the standard edition and the deluxe edition (which also includes the season pass) of Dark Souls III. Dark Souls isn’t currently backwards compatible […]

Watch a No Death, No Hit Dark Souls Run

Twitch user The_Happy_Hobbit manages to do something throughout the entirety of Dark Souls that I don’t think I’ve managed to do in the tutorial area – not take a single hit. The feat is pretty incredible and worth watching. Watch live video from The_Happy_Hobbit on www.twitch.tv

How Precious Is Life? Dark Souls Doesn’t Care.

Platforms: Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 (playing) My video game time is something I treasure. As an adult with a wife and a small child, a full time job, and a career change on the horizon, those moments when I actually get to sit down with a controller (or portable system) in hand and enjoy […]