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73 – Australian Meth Head Demoman

This week, the merry band of dipshits talk about Jason’s experience playing Overwatch,  how playing Friday the 13th turned out for John and Brittany, Sonia Belmont again, Xbox Game Pass, what’s coming in June’s for Games with Gold and Playstation Plus, and more (like Life is Strange). We know you like us, so you should like us on Facebook and Twitter as […]

Dontnod Sneaks Out A Trailer For Vampyr

We kicked off our Game Club podcast series with multiple entries cover Life is Strange. We loved it and I even named it one of my favorite games of 2015. Well, Dontnod, the development studio behind Life is Strange as well as Remember Me, has released a trailer featuring their latest game, Vampyr, which you can check out below.

GAJ Game Club Episode 3 – Life is Strange Episode 5 and Wrap-up

Jason Arriola, Brittany Beshel, and John Lucero bring our Life is Strange discussion home. We go over our thoughts on episode five. After the break, our feelings on the endings and the series as a whole get in the way of some anime discussion.

GAJ Game Club 2 – Life is Strange Episodes 3 and 4

Jason Arriola and Brittany Beshel cover the third and fourth episodes of Life is Strange. Bit of a warning, this episode becomes a bit of a bummer when we start covering the fourth episode. Needless to say, spoilers ahoy! Look for us on iTunes as GAJ: Games and Junk!

GAJ Game Club 1 – Life is Strange Episodes 1 and 2

Jason Arriola is joined by Conor Mahood and Brittany Beshel for the first episode of the GAJ Game Club. The gang discusses the first two episodes of Life is Strange.