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79 – Sacrifice For My Art

Jason Arriola and John Lucero stumble back into this podcast thing after the marathon Metal Gear Solid Game Club. John’s been having fun with Call of Duty: WWII’s beta and XCOM 2 while Jason’s been having less fun with Uncharted: Lost Legacy and Observer. A quick pitstop in Westeros as they talk a bit about […]

63 – A Must Miss Experience

A change in host! John Lucero takes over and is joined by Anthony Villanueva and Jason Arriola (not getting rid of him that easily) as they run down what they’ve been playing, give another short list of things Jason’s bought, Capcom and Nintendo analysis, opining on Kojima, some Final Fantasy news, and industry theft. Oh, and we […]

62 – Thanks For The Mouthful

This week, Jason Arriola, Luke Maxwell, John Lucero, and Franky Ordaz have been playing Resident Evil 7, Dragon Quest VIII, Final Fantasy XV DLC, and more. It seems like it’s all Fire Emblem, all the time for Nintendo. Jason nearly played more than he purchased this week (I’m as surprised as you are). Then we wrap […]

Final Fantasy XV Review

Platforms: Playstation 4 (reviewed) and Xbox One Ten years. That’s how long Final Fantasy XV has been in development. It has gone through many major changes in the decade since it was originally announced as Final Fantasy Versus XIII. A designation as an official numbered entry in the series instead of an offshoot is pressure enough, […]

60 – Let’s End This Nightmare

Jason Arriola, Anthony Villanueva, and John Lucero sprint through the news to talk about what they’ve been playing ( mostly more FFXV and a bit of The Last Guardian) and what Jason bought and hasn’t played.

59 – Merry Band Of Dipshits

Holy hell, is there a lot to cover in this episode. Jason and John start off with the Keighley’s (otherwise known as The Game Awards), get into news and reveals coming out from the Playstation Experience, and then a follow up discussion on Titanfall 2 with a long discussion about Final Fantasy XV that gets cut short because […]

Final Fantasy XV Unveils “World of Wonder” Trailer

Today Square Enix debuted a beautiful new trailer for Final Fantasy XV showcasing some of the creatures and locales you’ll come across in the game.  This World of Wonder trailer features the song “I Will Be” by Florence + the Machine.  The band will also contribute two other songs to the Final Fantasy XV soundtrack, […]