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56 – Muscle Farm

In this episode – colloquialisms, tea stomping, anime, and virtual reality. Jason, Luke, and John don’t have much to say but they sure do say a lot.

Dark Souls Gets Adorable In LittleBigPlanet 3

I played LittleBigPlanet a bit. It was quirky and cute, but not my thing. I dabbled in creating in my own stuff a bit. It had a fairly crazy toolset to create your own levels with. I was terrible at it and never made it very far into anything before I put it down for good. […]

Xbox Games We’d Like To See Come Back

Jason Arriola’s Picks In light of the news that the Phantom Dust remake is dead and that we’re instead getting a remaster of the original Xbox version and got me thinking about the original Xbox a bit more. The console is more than ten years dead now and since a cult hit like Phantom Dust can get a remaster, […]

Watch a No Death, No Hit Dark Souls Run

Twitch user The_Happy_Hobbit manages to do something throughout the entirety of Dark Souls that I don’t think I’ve managed to do in the tutorial area – not take a single hit. The feat is pretty incredible and worth watching. Watch live video from The_Happy_Hobbit on www.twitch.tv

How Precious Is Life? Dark Souls Doesn’t Care.

Platforms: Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 (playing) My video game time is something I treasure. As an adult with a wife and a small child, a full time job, and a career change on the horizon, those moments when I actually get to sit down with a controller (or portable system) in hand and enjoy […]