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81 – Pizza Orgy

Jason Arriola is joined by  John Lucero  for some Destiny 2 (someone’s gotta do the shooter heavy lifting around here) and Franky Ordaz for No Man’s Sky talks. Brother, can you spare some ports? How about L.A. Noire, Okami, Vanquish, both Shenmue games, and Bayonetta? The Switch hits 1.5 million in sales in Japan and Stephen King used to be really […]

What To Expect With No Man’s Sky Day One Patch

No Man’s Sky  is out today and there’s a rather substantial day one patch. The patch, a 824 MB download, has been being worked on since the game went gold about five weeks ago. The changes sound huge, so those that got in early are likely going to see a rather substantial difference when they […]

No Man’s Sky – Survive

The fourth and final “Guides to the Galaxy” trailer for No Man’s Sky has released and it showcases your fight for survival in the game.  With a plethora of things looking to end your life, it looks like you’ll have to be very vigilant when it comes to your surroundings in No Man’s Sky or […]

No Man’s Sky – Trade

Another new No Man’s Sky trailer has popped up and this time it focuses on trading in the game.  It looks like you’ll be able to gather a variety of resources from around the galaxy and then sell or trade them, which in turn allows you to make upgrades to your weapons, ship, and maybe […]

No Man’s Sky – Fight

The second of four “Guides to the Galaxy” trailers for No Man’s Sky has dropped and this time around the focus is on the combat in the game. There will be both combat in space and on the surface of planets.  Dig a little deeper into what to expect from the combat in the trailer […]

No Man’s Sky – Explore

In the first of four new trailers set to debut over the next few weeks, No Man’s Sky shows off some of the aspects of exploration in the game.  With more than 18 quintillion (!) planets, there appears that there will be no shortage of places to explore in the vast universe of No Man’s […]

No Man’s Sky Goes Gold

After more than four years in development Sean Murray of Hello Games has confirmed that the space exploration “science-fiction game set in an infinite procedurally generated universe”, No Man’s Sky has officially gone gold.  That means that the game in finally complete and should make its official release of August 9, 2016 for PS4 (and […]

No Man’s Sky Delayed

In a bit of unfortunate news, just a couple months after revealing the official release date of No Man’s Sky, Hello Games has announced the game has been been delayed.  Originally scheduled to release for PS4 and PC in just a few weeks on June 21, No Man’s Sky‘s release has been pushed back to […]

No Man’s Sky Finally Gets a Release Date (June 21, 2016)

After months of hype and speculation surrounding No Man’s Sky, Sean Murray of Hello Games took to the PlayStation Blog this morning with a huge announcement.  It was finally revealed that No Man’s Sky would be releasing June 21, 2016  on PlayStation 4 and PC. For those unfamiliar with No Man’s Sky this is how […]