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Shadows of Adam Review

Platforms: Windows (reviewed), Mac, and Linux It’s been tough to find the time to go back to some of my favorite JRPG from my youth. While a single playthrough of Chrono Trigger can be done in less than 20 hours, I know myself well enough that not hitting the New Game Plus option to get the multiple […]

GAJ Game Night – Cosmic Star Heroine

Jason and John, due to some technical issues (thanks, Cable One), go with the game that inspired us to play Chrono Trigger for this Game Night. It’s a weird route to get to Cosmic Star Heroine, but it’s how we got here. Enjoy!

Cosmic Star Heroine Review

Platforms: PlayStation 4 (reviewed) and Steam Zeboyd Games has long been a developer with much potential and with every release their style and design has improved. I’m excited to say that with the release of Cosmic Star Heroine they have hit their stride and created one the most fun “old school” RPG’s I’ve played in […]

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology Gets Some More Information

Since I posted about it last week, more details have come out about Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology. First, some details were revealed. The visuals will be refreshed (although, from what I can tell, it looks largely the same), the game systems will be updated (vague, at best), it will include a new character named Nemesia (gee, […]

Radiant Historia Getting Another Shot At Life With A 3DS Remake

Last night, Atlus teased us with this image. I became rather excited at the prospect of a new Radiant Historia game. A remake on Vita? 3DS? Switch? And then the realities of the present day kicked in and I realized it was probably going to be a smartphone port. Soul effectively crushed. Thankfully, Atlus pulled through. Radiant […]

Check Out Blue Reflection, A Magical Girl RPG

Normally, the whole magical girl genre isn’t my thing, but Gust’s (best known for the Atelier series) latest RPG grabbed my attention earlier today. Blue Reflection: Sword of the Girl Who Dances in Illusions looks rather promising. Aside from Magic Knight Rayearth for the Saturn, I can’t really think of a more recent take on the magical girl genre in […]

Final Fantasy XV Review

Platforms: Playstation 4 (reviewed) and Xbox One Ten years. That’s how long Final Fantasy XV has been in development. It has gone through many major changes in the decade since it was originally announced as Final Fantasy Versus XIII. A designation as an official numbered entry in the series instead of an offshoot is pressure enough, […]