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Jason Arriola’s Top Ten (Mostly) Game Albums of the Year

    We put up John’s favorite albums from 2017 earlier this week. To jump on the bandwagon, these are my favorite game-related albums from last year. Most of them are direct soundtracks, but some are fan made remixes that stuck with me throughout the year.   Honorable Mentions: Shadows of Adam – Tyler Mire, Blossom Tales: […]

Nintendo Discontinues The NES Classic

Nintendo has a fair amount of things going on for it right now. The world (us included) seems to be unable to stop talking about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild more than a month after its release. Their newest console, the Switch, seems to be doing rather well as it continues to be […]

Kirby’s Dream Collection Review

What better way to close out a week dedicated to Kirby’s twentieth anniversary than to go over a compilation dedicated to just that subject? No, seriously. I couldn’t think of much else. Unless you can read Japanese and have access to the Nintendo archives that are locked up nearly as tight as Fort Knox, there’s only […]

Kirby in 3D(S)!

WRITTEN BY SCOTT ROMERO Kirby’s Dream Land Platforms: GameBoy (1992), 3DS Virtual Console (2011) Price: $3.99 Dream Land is Kirby’s very first outing and just so happened to be on Nintendo’s first handheld console as well. The gameplay is mostly what you would expect in a 2D platformer of the early  90s, along with a few additional features. The two most notable features are Kirby’s […]

Not Your Grandma’s Crocheting Material

To say I was a little apprehensive about Kirby’s Epic Yarn would be making it sound like I had any interest in this game to begin with. As I would look through stores searching for a bargain that wasn’t in the ads, I would always pass right over certain games. Epic Yarn somehow got lumped […]

The Strange World of Kirby Commercials

Kirby has the ability to suck in enemies and copy their abilities, making him able to adapt to situations as the need requires. That fact seems to not have been lost on Nintendo themselves in their ad campaigns for the cream puff, as commercials for the same game can vary from Japan to United States. […]