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Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Review

Platforms: PlayStation 4 (reviewed), Microsoft Windows Certain games come along at the right time in life and click with you when they may otherwise not have. While it may be a rare occurrence for some, I think this fact is true for everyone, as a game you love now is something you may have been […]

Eight to Consider: Games of Last Generation – Part One

I’ve been pondering over this list for some time now. I’ve wanted to discuss my favorite games of last generation, but I wasn’t exactly sure how to go about it. As you may or may not know, Eight to Consider is an ongoing feature here at GAJ and usually consists of a list of eight […]

69 – Our Masters in Japan

We did it guys. We really did it. We made it to the this momentous occasion. Podcast number 69! Jason Arriola is joined by Anthony Villaneuva, John Lucero, and Luke Maxwell to talk about what they’ve been playing, Palmer Luckey, the weird daddy issues from Atlus USA, Scorpio, jazz, and video game sites that are […]

55 – Gigantic Cucumber

Antony Villanueva and Jason Arriola talk about PC master race, AdVenture Capitalist, Attack on Titan, revisit the PS4 Pro, Jason’s reversal on Picross and dislike of Kojima, and more!

Big Capcom Sale On Xbox Consoles

If you have a Xbox 360 or Xbox One and are a fan of Capcom titles, you’re in luck. There are a ton of Capcom titles on sale this week. I listed them below along with links to purchase them. Go nuts! Xbox One –Mega Man Legacy Collection – $14.99 $8.99 –DmC: Devil May Cry […]

Xbox Games We’d Like To See Come Back

Jason Arriola’s Picks In light of the news that the Phantom Dust remake is dead and that we’re instead getting a remaster of the original Xbox version and got me thinking about the original Xbox a bit more. The console is more than ten years dead now and since a cult hit like Phantom Dust can get a remaster, […]

Eight to Consider: Games of E3 2016

This year’s E3 has come and gone. After sifting through hours and hours of content, I’ve decided to talk about some of the games that caught my eye.  Of course, I didn’t actually attend E3, so I haven’t played any of these titles.  All of my opinions are based solely on gameplay videos, trailers, and […]

51 – A Mel Brooks Film, Lethal Weapon 4: Gallipoli

Jason Arriola, Anthony Villanueva, and John Lucero (with a brief appearance by Luke Maxwell) go over their favorite things and biggest disappointments of  E3 2016.

Fallout: New Vegas (Among Others) Added To Xbox One Backwards Compatibility List

Got an Xbox One? Nothing to be ashamed about (I have one). Microsoft’s console has been steadily upping their backwards compatibility list since they rolled the feature out. Today they bring seven more titles into the fold and one of them is a big one – Fallout: New Vegas. Also available now are: Blood Knights Comic Jumper Dungeons […]

Phantom Dust? Not Quite Dead Yet.

Remember how at E3 2014 Microsoft went on about how the original Xbox cult classic, Phantom Dust, was getting remade for the Xbox One? Yeah, that’s probably not happening now. Microsoft ended their relationship with Darkside Games, the studio they had developing the remake, in February 2015. It’s largely been swept under the rug since then, getting the […]