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The Possible Realities Of A Nintendo 64 Classic

I feel like we’re partially responsible for this, willing it into an early existence, having talked about the possibility of a Nintendo 64 Classic on the latest podcast. If you haven’t heard, Nintendo filed a trademark for the Nintendo 64 controller image.   It seems more an inevitability than a “what if”, so I started […]

Jason’s Favorite E3 Nintendo Stuff (Not Including Zelda)

There’s been way more stuff shown off at E3 for Nintendo than I was expecting this year. I was really just expecting the new Zelda game, The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild (I’ll have a separate post about that later) and nothing else. Thankfully, Nintendo actually decided to show off some other stuff. I’m not going to […]

49 – And Then It’s About Pop Stars!

Jason Arriola and and Vanessa Cahill (or the web-empress-formerly-known-as-Vanessa Maestas) reunite to talk about the thing they love to do – wax about Nintendo’s odd decisions. Zelda for the Wii U and the NX! Nothing at E3 from Nintendo but Zelda! But only the Wii U version! There’s a lot more ground to cover!