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The Possible Realities Of A Nintendo 64 Classic

I feel like we’re partially responsible for this, willing it into an early existence, having talked about the possibility of a Nintendo 64 Classic on the latest podcast. If you haven’t heard, Nintendo filed a trademark for the Nintendo 64 controller image.   It seems more an inevitability than a “what if”, so I started […]

Need Some More Rock Types? It’s Go Time.

Pokémon Go is having an event that starts tomorrow, May 18th at 1 PM PDT and lasts through the following Thursday, May 25th at 1PM PDT. This event, Adventure Week, will up the encounter rate for Rock-type Pokémon, give you more items at PokéStops, cut the distance required for candy for your Buddy Pokémon, and give you the […]

Get Lycanroc And Some Mega Stones For Pokémon Sun And Moon

If you’ve fallen out of playing Pokémon Sun and Moon, here are some reasons to at least dip your toes back in. First off, Gamestop is giving Lycanroc cards out that will give you a code to download one in its Midnight Form. Normally, you have to evolve Rockruff to level 25 in Pokémon Moon at night to get one, so Pokémon Sun players […]

Pokémon Snap Now Available On Wii U Virtual Console

I normally don’t like to do posts promoting “hey, this thing is out”, but this one warrants it. Pokémon Snap is out now on the Wii U Virtual Console! It’s nice to see that in the death throes of the Wii U, even this small amount of happiness can be found. You can snag it […]

Game Diaries: Adventures In Alola – Bridging The Gap

If you haven’t been watching the show or, at the very least, heard about it, Ash lost in the Pokémon League. Again. His Greninja, a Water/Dark-type, lost to a Charizard. Yup, even with the type advantage, Ash still blew it. If you play through the demo of Sun and Moon, when you start out, you get a […]

GAJ Game Club – Pokémon Sun And Moon – Part 1

Jason is joined by fellow Pokémaniac Vanessa Cahill to talk mostly about Pokémon Sun and Moon. Before they talk about their thoughts on the latest entry in the Pokémon series, they go over when they started playing the series and what their favorite entries in the series are. Also, can we get a damned sequel to Pokémon Snap finally?!

Game Diaries: Adventures In Alola – Picking A Starter

Pokémon Sun and Moon brings a new generation of Pokémon, the seventh, to the world. When an entry to the series adds more Pokémon to the hundreds of others, we’re given a few new starters to choose at the beginning of our adventure. Some turn out more popular than others in the long run. My personal favorite starters are […]

57 – Switch Out to Ash-Greninja

Jason, Anthony, and John are breaking all the rules by going over the time talking Mafia 3, Pokemon Sun and Moon demo, and finally, the Nintendo Switch reveal. Oh yeah, the ending song is Switch by J-Pop group Every Little Thing. It was the best I could come up with.

Victini Is Your Mythical Pokémon For September

We’re nearing the end of the year and that means the Pokémon 20th anniversary celebration is nearing its end. This month, we’re getting Victini, a Psychic and Fire type Pokémon . Victini will have the ability Victory Star and know the moves Incinerate, Quick Attack, Endure, and Confusion when you download the little guy. As in some previous months, you can […]

More Pokemon Sun and Moon Details Revealed

Today we got our first look at the villains we’ll be facing off against in Pokemon Sun and Moon.  Let me introduce you to Team Skull. From left to right we have Plumeria (known as the “Big Sister of the group), Guzma (the leader), and a couple of grunts. More important than the bad guys, […]