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Observer Review

Platforms: Playstation 4, Windows, and Xbox One (reviewed) Observer is a sci-fi horror game that takes inspiration from Bloober Team’s previous effort, Layers of Fear, and adds in the dirty, futuristic feel of Blade Runner. Its attempt to make a connection with the sci-fi classic becomes apparent as soon as you learn that the Rutger […]

The Technomancer Review

Platforms: PC, Playstation 4 (reviewed), and Xbox One While there’s really no shortage of RPG’s being rolled out every year, a very specific type hasn’t really gotten much play in recent years. Games like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire are so few and far between that I really can’t think […]

No Man’s Sky – Survive

The fourth and final “Guides to the Galaxy” trailer for No Man’s Sky has released and it showcases your fight for survival in the game.  With a plethora of things looking to end your life, it looks like you’ll have to be very vigilant when it comes to your surroundings in No Man’s Sky or […]

No Man’s Sky – Fight

The second of four “Guides to the Galaxy” trailers for No Man’s Sky has dropped and this time around the focus is on the combat in the game. There will be both combat in space and on the surface of planets.  Dig a little deeper into what to expect from the combat in the trailer […]

No Man’s Sky – Explore

In the first of four new trailers set to debut over the next few weeks, No Man’s Sky shows off some of the aspects of exploration in the game.  With more than 18 quintillion (!) planets, there appears that there will be no shortage of places to explore in the vast universe of No Man’s […]

Breached Review

Platforms: PC (reviewed) and Mac You awake from the middle of suspended animation only to realize that the shelter that’s protecting you from a planet that wants you dead is severely damaged. You’re too weak to go out on your own and you have only eight days to repair it before you die. Unable to […]

Sci Fi Mystery Breached Releases Today

You wake up on from cryogenic sleep and find your shelter in tatters. You must pilot a drone to try to repair your shelter and see if you can uncover what happened in the first place. This is the premise of Breached, which releases today on Steam. A shorter experience, one that lasts around two hours […]

Check Out Six Minutes Of Gameplay From The Technomancer

One week from release, Spiders and Focus Home Interactive have released one more trailer of The Technomancer. This time it’s featuring some gameplay from it and it’s got me even more anxious to get to it. Sleeper hit of the summer? I’m hoping so!

New E3 Trailer for The Technomancer

Well, that’s it, I’m officially schilling for The Technomancer. I liked what I saw of the gameplay and I liked what I saw with your party members. I really think is going to be a sleeper hit of the summer and cant’t wait to get my hands on it. To ease the wait (or make it worse), Spiders, the development […]

Take a Peek at The Technomancer’s Gameplay

The Technomancer, a sci-fi RPG from Spiders (Bound by Flame, Mars: War Logs) is coming soon, so I thought I should probably share some info about it out. Just what the hell is a “Technomancer”? Well, the name gives off a little hint as to what what they: magic users who use cybernetic implants to increase their […]