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Anthony Gore’s Favorite Games of 2017

On paper, 2017 was a pretty great year for video games. It was also kind of an odd one for me. I originally thought I had played a solid number of games and looking back, I did, but I quickly realized that only a handful of those had released in 2017. I actually reviewed more […]

Introducing The Nosulus Rift

When South Park: The Fractured But Whole releases this December Ubisoft is looking to immerse you like never before. Unveiled today, I present to you the Nosulus Rift, “virtual reality taken to the next level.”  Check out the amazing (NSFW) trailer below as it shows off this impressive piece of technology in a way that […]

Eight to Consider: Games of E3 2016

This year’s E3 has come and gone. After sifting through hours and hours of content, I’ve decided to talk about some of the games that caught my eye.  Of course, I didn’t actually attend E3, so I haven’t played any of these titles.  All of my opinions are based solely on gameplay videos, trailers, and […]