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89 – Catchy Propoganda

Jason Arriola, John Lucero, and Vanessa Cahill talk about Ness’ adventures in the wonderful world of the Switch, Geralt’s adventures in The Withcer III, and Jason’s love of the combat in Dragon’s Dogma. Mini rundown on the Nintendo Direct Mini! And… Labo is as Nintendo as Nintendo gets. We know you like us, so you should like us […]

The Witcher 3 Game of the Year Edition Gets Release Date

Weeks back it was announced that the wildly popular RPG, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt would be getting a Game of the Year edition, which includes both the Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine expansions, as well as all free DLC released. Well, it now has an official release date and you won’t have […]

The Final Expansion for The Witcher 3 Coming This Month

Announced earlier today, Blood and Wine, the final piece of content for The Withcer 3, is set to come out May 31st. If you’ve been keeping yourself in the dark, this marks not only the largest piece of DLC for The Withcer 3, but it’s also going to look better than the main game. Having nearly built this […]