The Magic Circle: Gold Edition Releases Today

One problem with not playing PC games is you tend to miss out on playing or just never hear of some rather intriguing games. Thankfully, Sony’s done an admirable job of helping some of those come to the Playstation 4 for those like me. The Magic Circle: Gold Edition is coming to the PS4 today and it falls into the category of one of those I’ve never even heard about. Let’s run down some information.

You control the hero character of a game that’s stuck in development hell. With the fictional creators seeming unable to finish this project, you take it upon yourself to make it so you can complete the quest you were (literally) created for. With the game incomplete and unused ideas discarded laying about, you’re forced to use these ideas to continue forward. There’s no one way to do things either, as you can combine different ideas and see the results. You can steal enemy abilities and use them in your pet companions. You can have a specialized pets that do certain things or have one that will cover just about everything you need.

It’s an interesting idea for a game. One I’m hoping to get some hands-on time with so I can report more about it.

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