Two Kunio-kun Games Coming West

If you’re a fan of the Kunio-kun/River City, Natsume’s got your back.

Nekketsu Mahou Monogatari, is coming our way as River City : Knights of Justice. Here’s the news from Natsume directly.

  • “River City: Knights of Justice, known in Japan as Nekketsu Mahou Monogatari, is scheduled to launch as a 3DS e-Shop exclusive this summer. Kunio and his friends go medieval in this unique entry to the River City series as they are transformed into heroes and villains that would be at home in any RPG! Players will use swords, staves, and even magic to bring peace back to Riverandia!”

This originally came out back in April of 2014, so it’s been a long time coming, but I’m glad to see it heading our way. No physical release for this one as it was an 3DS eShop exclusive, but you can still get River City: Tokyo Rumble physically if you want one sitting on your shelf. If you’re going to E3, you can check it out at Natsume’s booth on June 13-15.


And the next one will be a little more familiar to fans of River City RansomDowntown Nekketsu Monogatari SP is coming to North America and Europe as River City: Rival Showdown. This one was originally released in Japan on October 27th, 2016, so this one got a much quicker turnaround time. Here’s the word from Natsume’s community manager, CeeCee.

  • “It’s time for a showdown! Kunio has just 3 days to unravel the mystery of why he’s being targeted and why Ricki’s girlfriend has been kidnapped (AGAIN) in RIVER CITY: RIVAL SHOWDOWN! Take on some familiar faces from the River City games and meet new ones in this fast-paced beat-’em-up RPG.

    River City: Rival Showdown (Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari SP) is an upcoming 3DS title with local multiplayer launching in both North America and Europe, and will be playable at the Natsume E3 booth from June 13-15 in Los Angeles!”

No announcement on a physical release on this, but, when asked about it on Twitter, Natsume responded with “we’ll have more news at E3.” Fingers crossed!

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